Annalisa Prato

Consulente immobiliare at The RE/MAX Collection Luxury Lakeview

  • Codice Fiscale / Partita IVA: 02639810031
  • Aree di servizio: Lago Maggiore, Lago di Mergozzo, Lago d'Orta, Lago di Como
  • Specialità: Expert for International Buyers of Italian Real Estate, Luxury Real Estate, Residential Homes, Property Management, Property Finder, Contract Negotiation

Info Annalisa Prato

Annalisa Prato si è formata, è cresciuta e si è affermata come consulente immobiliare presso l’agenzia The RE/MAX Collection Luxury Lakeview di Verbania, che opera esclusivamente nel settore degli immobili di prestigio sui laghi Maggiore, Orta e Mergozzo. Grazie alla sua solarità e gentilezza riesce ad accompagnare i clienti condividendo le loro esigenze e supportandoli con professionalità dalla ricerca fino al post vendita. La sua esperienza professionale ventennale in aziende di livello internazionale le ha permesso di poter gestire con dinamicità e riservatezza ogni tipologia di clientela, sposando da subito la mission di The RE/MAX Collection di far vivere ad ogni cliente il proprio personale sogno di “lifestyle Italiano”.

Lingua: English, Italian

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    Tom Reeder

    Late last year I found a villa on the website of ReMax and contacted Annalisa for viewing, after which we made an offer and that is where I began to appreciate her exceptional qualities. The negotiations, due to vendor issues, were long and hard, eventually we agreed on price but only then to be confronted with historical planning issues which were eventually sorted and after 8 months we signed the contract. During this time Annalisa was on the case virtually every day resolving issues, you might say that this is what Estate Agents are supposed to do, however, somehow while all this was going on and before the contact was finalised she managed to arrange for me to place my furniture in the Villa, have the services connected and permission for work to begin. In view of the initial negotiations this was no mean feat. And now even though we are complete Annalisa continues to support everything that is required to be able to settle in Italy. She is a real credit to ReMax and the outstanding support they give through the whole buying and relocation process and beyond.

    Thank you Annalisa

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